Steps To Get You Started With Instagram For Business

You must have heard it many times: “Photo says a 1000 words.” Instagram being one of the biggest social media platform for photo sharing with over 500 million active users. If you don’t know how to get started with Instagram for Business and drive customers and sales then stick around because in this post I’ll tell you how you can earn a positive ROI through Instagram.

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the post.

Here I’ll start from the very basic steps and slowly move towards the advanced steps like Advanced Analytics and few of the automation tools to make your job easy.

Have A Super Strong Profile

Remember you are on Instagram to do business and it’s mandatory that you have a strong profile. Now what I exactly mean by strong profile is basically the following:

Profile Photo: Have a decent company logo which looks professional to the viewers.
Profile Bio: It’s one the crucial parts of the process which can make or break your business. Write short to the point bio on what your company do.

Post Photos or Videos

Once you are done creating your account you now need to post awesome content on your IG account. The content can be in the form of photos or videos. Before posting the content on your page spy on your competitors and check what they are posting and post something even better.

Remember: Consistency is a must when you want to build a business on Instagram. If you post photos once in a blue moon, you are never going to be an Instagram star you can even make it easier if you buy Instagram followers.

Post Stories

Stories are the most viewed compared to photos and videos on Instagram. Chances are people might miss out on your latest post but they’ll never miss what you post in your stories.

If used in a proper manner stories can bring a lot of business. Post valuable content in the form of stories which is related to your business.

Follow People in Your Niche

You can follow 30 people in an hour. If you exceed the limit several times then IG can block your from their platform. So make sure you are taking this seriously into account. The whole funda to follow people here is 40% people will follow you back and that way you can get a lot of targeted followers already interested in your niche.

It’s a time consuming long term process but it’s totally worth it.

Change Your Profile To Business Profile

If you want to look professional in front of brands then you need to change your normal account to a business profile. Moreover, you can now promote your account with ads and get a power of Instagram Analytics to know your post reach.

Churn the Data With Analytics

Instagram Analytics is the best way to read the data and react accordingly. You can learn from your data and judge which post in working consistently and which all are failing. Once you play more with Analytics, you’ll start seeing a drastic change in your account followers and engagement because you’ll eventually know your audience better.


To conclude, I just want to say that Instagram is a very fast growing platform and it’s still growing like crazy. If you haven’t yet tried using it you are missing out a lot on the table. Wake up and take action.

If you have any queries on how to use Instagram Analytics or what type of content works on IG you can always type in the comment below because I read all the comments and try to respond to each one of them.