Exploding Your Potential When Using Instagram

It’s 2018 and our world is increasingly becoming what, as kids, we perceived the far future to be. In a subtle way, technology is sinking its digital claws deeper and deeper into modern-day society. These changes, so elusive in their ways, have fast became a dominating presence in the lives of a vast percentage of people. With no discrimination, technology is controlling the very lives of rich and poor, the young and the old, the religious, the atheists and those of people from every race, colour and creed.
Schools; businesses, both large and small; charities and the general public all unwittingly place technology on a pedestal and come to rely on its gift of convenience in a way that without it, there is little doubt that society would lose its illusory grip on the organisation of day-to-day living.

Wherever we go, we are subject to perfect examples of what I am trying to say. You will see kids “socializing” with each other by sitting together staring at their screens (possibly even messaging each other); you will see touchscreen devices at train stations, shops and even some fast food establishments and you will see grown men and women documenting their every action on social media while sipping at a coffee in Starbucks or waiting on a train. The extent on which technology has a grip on the human race is simultaneously an awesome advance in how we do things and an unnerving prospect alike.

Instagram, for instance, has eight-million monthly, active users. That’s two-million a week! The photo-sharing social media site has only exploded in recent years and is now seemingly a place where everyone needs to take a photo of everything and share it with the world.

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I never once dreamed of a world where my fellow man, would feel it necessary -or even welcomed- to post a photo of what was on his or her dinner plate that night. We now rely on websites like Facebook to inform us of our friends’ birthday and up-coming events. We have become so dependent on devices and apps to make our lives easier that without them, I fear we would lose our minds, a lot of our social networking and indeed, our very sanity to the point that we can’t stay without increasing Instagram likes.

I may be coming across as a luddite as I transfer my inner-most thoughts from my mind to this piece, but the fact is that I am far from such. I myself invest a lot of my time and efforts into learning skills pertaining to computers and use both the social media sites I have outlined above. That being said, I can’t help to think that this rapidly advancing technological tsunami will one day think for us – act for us. Maybe one day we will lose the ability to think for ourselves through evolution and instead be nannied through life by a plethora of apps, websites and gadgets. One can’t help but wonder if the speed at which technological developments are being founded is a good thing or a bad thing.